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For Physicians

Our Commitment to Excellence & Our Commitment to You


Florida Retina Specialists is delivering the latest diagnostic methods and treatments for retinal disease. Our office is equipped with the most sophisticated ophthalmic equipment available for diagnostic testing and treatment.  It also has the latest Iridex Laser System with pattern scanner and micropulse technology to better treat refractory diabetic macular edema. The top of the line Heidelberg OCT imaging system along with Topcon flourescein angiography, Quantel ultrasound system, and fundus photography are all available in our clinic which allows us to better understand the patients' specific eye disorder and ensure that they recieve the best possible treatment.


As a referring doctor, we greatly appreciate your trust in us, and we pledge to treat your patient as part of our family.  It is our goal and focus to deliver patient center care, we will do this in the following ways:


  • See patients in a timely manner

  • Thoroughly exam and listen to patients' complaints and needs

  • Provide the most advanced technologic diagnostic equipment

  • Educate and counsel the patient

  • Deliver treatment in a safe, comforting environment

  • Maintain a humble servanthood attitude with all patients

  • Communicate with referring doctors by same-day fax of consultation results

  • Return patients to referring doctors in a timely fashion once retinal pathology is treated


Please if you have any questions or concerns about a patient, contact us.

Phone:  (321) 735-8800

Fax:  (321) 735-8898


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