Patient Testimonials

"I'm just completing treatment for a detached retina; so far my expectations have been exceeded by Dr. Venzara and his team. They are both professionally and personally excellent and made me feel confident and at ease .... I will recommend them to anyone."


-C. Popplestone

"The care my mom has received at Florida retina specialists has been nothing but extraordinary! Their staff is remarkable! They have gone above and beyond to help my mom keep her vision down to coming in after hours! Thank for the outstanding patient care you have given and reminding us what being in the medical field is really all about!!"

-C. Dipasquale

"Would send anyone in my family to him. I am also a retina doctor. I have seen him operate and the care he gives to patients in clinic. Would drive from anywhere in Florida to see him."


-Dr. J Newman

"I had a medical vision emergency at a time when my own eye doctor was out of town and was referred to Dr. Venzara. I could not have possibly had a better outcome. Dr. Venzara has top equipment. and he and his entire staff are professional, polite, and caring. I highly recommend the doctor and his entire staff."


-I. Rotenberg

"Excellent doctor and staff. Couldn’t be more pleased with the results I received from their caring hands!"

-Alice M.

"A great group of professionals that will take good care of your visual needs. Tha moment you stepped into the Rockledge office I feel the confident that Dr. Neely and the staff will take good care of me. They have the latest equipment to make a professional assessment of my eye condition. Finally, I live in Daytona Beach and travel 1 hour for my monthly appointment because of the excellence in service I get."

- Valentin C.

"I wanted to share that Dr. Venzara was a true blessing to me. I had an eye emergency over the 2014 Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Dr. Venzara came into the office three days consecutively to treat my detached retina. He was very kind, thorough and professional. He really cares about the success of his patients and went above and beyond the call of duty to assist me. I highly recommend Dr. Venzara. He will have great success and a blessed future. This was truly God's direction in my life-he lead me to Dr. Venzara to correct my vision before I lost sight. His staff is wonderful. They are all such a blessing - I feel privileged to have met all of them. KUDOS to Florida Retina Specialists."

-S. Faniel

"Dr. Frank Venzara was patient, kind, answered all of my questions and explained every step he was performing on my detached retina. He was clear in instructions on how I was to hold my head and for what period of time, etc. I am 62 and he is the most professional and caring doctor I have ever been to. His staff is amazing also. They just don't say "how are you today?" They mean "How Are You Today?" with sincerity. I was scared when my eye looked like I was underwater, but Dr. Venzara soon made me feel calm and confident I would be able to see again. AND I AM SEEING AGAIN!! Thank you Dr. Venzara and staff."

-C. Ankney

"Solid ethics and a great Dr."


-J. Paauw

"I always feel that I am treated with the highest professionalism and concern at Florida Retina."

-Louise W.

"We were referred to Dr. Venzara over the Thanksgiving weekend when my husband suffered an infection in his eye following cataract surgery. Dr. Vanzara has been with us DAILY....and I am so impressed by his kindness and dedication as we continue the treatment process with him. It's only been a few days, and I'm sure more are to follow - but we continue with confidence that my husband is receiving the BEST care possible. We are truly grateful.."

-K. Jordan

"As always, my experience today was awesome! Dr. Neely explains everything very well. The staff are nice and pleasant. I would not go elsewhere."


- James R.

"I highly recommend Dr. Venzara to everyone I know he is the best retina surgeon with a wonderful personality I would never use another doctor and a wonderful staff it’s a pleasure going there thank you Dr V."

- Donna Z.

"Doc gave me a very thorough and valuable 2nd opinion, just as I requested. Very objective and professional. Thanks."

-Allen M. 

"Dr. Venzara and his entire staff are awesome. They treat you with care, compassion and respect. They are efficient and make sure that your experience is truly a great one. Thank you Dr. Venzara and your entire staff."

-Khamis M.

"The doctor is always pleasant and positive Always explains everything he’s doing and does a fantastic job. He’s the best of all the eye doctors I have been to"

- Alpha R.

"After experiencing some very poor medical care from other providers, my husband and I are so happy that a friend referred us to Dr. Venzara. He is caring and very competent and has helped both of us. The staff is also quite special and efficient. I would refer anyone to Florida Retina Specialists."

- Rena N.

"Everyone there is so friendly. They listen to what I say and go beyond to help me with my issues. Dr.Venzaro doesn’t talk above me. He talks to me and explains. He offers options and I believe is concerned about his patients wellbeing."


- Joan O.

"I appreciate the care I receive from Dr. Neely and his staff. I am usually seen at the Merritt Island office, but once in the Rockledge office. Both places I was always treated with respect and friendliness. I always had my questions answered. Dealing with your eyes takes a very special doctor and I am glad I was referred to him. Thank you to Dr. Neely and all of his staff!"

- Mary G.

"Every monthly visit to Dr. Venzara's office for the past seven months has been such a positive experience that I can not imagine any way that the service provided could be improved. The doctor's skill and bedside manner are remarkable, as is that of the entire staff.. I have never felt comfortable in the receiving end of medical care, but find myself looking forward to those visits. Thank you!"

- Teatino C.

"Dr Venzara and his staff make you feel comfortable and very welcome to the practice and are eager and happy to answer your questions and concerns. It’s a very advanced professional practice. You’ll love going there and absolutely adore Dr Venzara."

- Donna S.

"Extremely impressed with my experience. The entire staff was very professional,knowledgeable and explained everything. All aspects of care were at the highest level. Dr Venzara is an amazing , talented and very skilled specialist. This community is VERY blessed and lucky to have him here!"

-Chris V.

"My husband and I were supposed to depart on our Caribbean cruise on Sunday and we had come a couple days early to Cocoa Beach to ensure we had no issues catching the ship. Late Friday evening I started to experience thousands of spots and one large dark spot in my right eye. This was alarming enough but it also caused me headaches and shot my blood pressure up worrying about my condition, and the fact that our cruise was non-refundable. Early Saturday morning I called my company health insurance provider for eye care and at the same time my husband was frantically calling every local eye doctor in the directory. My husband kept getting the same response, "sorry, we are out of the office but will be happy to schedule an appointment when we get back in the office on Monday". With a heaven sent blessing, Dr. Venzara III answered the phone on this Saturday morning and gave me all the time in the world to explain our circumstance, thousands of spots and large blobs floating around in my eyesight and the high probability that it was going to permanently affect my eyesight, and to top it off, miss our fabulous cruise. I could tell my explanation had touched the Doctor's heart when he started to explain what were the potential issues, what type of specialist was required, and his amazing outreach to help. It was clear we had found probably the only Doctor within hundreds of miles that could help us, but there was an issue. It was Saturday and Dr. Venzara III was taking care of his 4 children while his wife was away. But as our hearts sank with his news of being unavailable Saturday, he made an offer that no other doctor in the world would have made, he said he would meet us in his office at 7am Sunday morning (before Church) . God does answer prayers! We arrived early Sunday morning to find a true gentleman, professional, and highly skilled retina specialist. He made me feel comfortable from the start. He explained the possibilities of the cause of my spots (floaters) and two of the three would not be too severe but there was one condition that would require significant surgery and treatment with no chance to make our trip. After performing many procedures, Dr. Venzara III took even more of his time to explain how the eye worked with a model and described exactly what caused my condition. He also said that of the three possibilities for the cause of my condition, I was fortunate that it was the least severe of the three possibilities, and that we would not have to stop our plans to board the ship that morning. We will be forever grateful to Dr. Venzara III. Thanks for letting me share the wonderful care I received.

    May God bless you"

-Deborah G.

"I cannot thank you enough for your care during my eye emergency in September. We were on vacation when my retina tear occurred. We didn't know anyone in the areaa byt you worked us in your schedule and did my surgery within 24 hours. I've never had a Doctor show such compassion, kindness and professionalism as you did. You gave us your cell number and told us to call if we had any problems. That is unheard of. The eye surgery I had two years ago was a nightmare but you resolved my fears and the surgery you did was literally painless. Your care didn't stop at the surgery but the follow up the next day where you assured me that the surgery had gone well and gave me clear instructions for my recovery.  

     I suppose I realized how great my care was when I went to my local retina specialist. They hassled me about the paperwork, getting the records from the surgery (your staff sent it right away but for some reason, they could not update my file for a couple days?) and even getting an appointment.  While we were waiting to see the Doctor ( a longer wait than we ever had in your office) YOU CALLED ME to check on me again. I was blown away by your kindness and care.  

     I think the thing that most assured me about my surrey was that you are a Godly man. I loved that you prayed for me in your office before I left. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Please know I have asked our congregation to pray for you (by name) and for God's blessing on you and your practice. You made us wish we lived in your area so you could continue to provide me eye care.  

    May God bless you"

-R. Wright