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Florida Retina Specialists featured on

Florida Retina Specialists was featured on on September 21, 2014. The Venzara name has been a well known and respected one in the Brevard County medical community for parts of four decades, as his father Dr. Frank X. Venazra II, a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon since the mid 80s in the area, has a longstanding reputation for being talented, compassionate and caring. Dr. Frank X. Venzara III is thrilled to move back home and provide his eye care services to the Brevard County community.

Dr. Venzara III is a board certified ophthalmologist and retina specialist. Dr. Venzara focuses on all aspects of retina including macular degeneraton, diabetic retinopathy, flashes and floaters, trauma, retinal detachment/tears, macular hole/membrane, infections/inflammation, vascular occlusive disease and cataract complications.

Dr. Venzara III is currently located adjacent to his father's office at 280 North Sykes Creek Parkway, Suite B, Merritt Island Florida.

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