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Florida Retina Specialists Breaks Ground on its Third Office Location in Viera on 9/25/20

New Viera office for Florida Retina Specialists will offer 5,000-square-feet for the practice itself, plus an additional 5,000-square-feet for two additional medical suites.

This new structure is a place with vision and for vision, literally, for the facility will serve as the new Viera home of Florida Retina Specialists, a highly specialized practice that focuses on the light-sensitive layer of tissue known as the retina, the eye’s “curtain” that unveils the world to all of us.

Medical Office to be located at 2329 Medico Lane

Special guests included:

Florida Retina Specialists: Frank & Juliet Venzara and staff

Community Bank of The South: Bill Taylor and Kelly Guldi

Centennial Development Group: Eddie Lebron and Dustin Prill

Dave Nagrodsky Architects

The Viera Company: Scott Miller, Senior VP of Sales and Community Development

Read full article at Space Coast


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